Polymer Modified Screeds

Entech offers a range of screeding and repair solutions including thin bonded, wearing, floating and unbonded screeds. Self smoothing levelling screed toppings as well as resin surface treatments, dustproofing, damp proof membranes , and screed strengthening. Waterproofing render and screeds are also available.

Thin Bonded Screeds and Floor Repairs

6 to 50mm

Bonded Screeds and Floor Repairs


Wearing Screeds and Floor Repairs

15 to 25mm

Wearing Screeds and Floor Repairs


Floating and Unbonded Screeds


Screeds are site batched incorporating cement, sharp sand, aggregates and a polymer admixture as determined by the mix design. Trowel or pump applied.

Also available in pre packed units.

For use in factories, warehouses, retails, commercial, public authorities and other industrial environments.

Benefits Include:

  • High performance wearing screeds.
  • Early drying underlay screeds.
  • Thin floating screeds.
  • Monolithic adhesion to concrete and screeds.